Raj Tent


The Maharaja’s baby brother still stands tall and oozes grandeur

The Raj Tent is available as a traditional pole and peg tent or on a steel & aluminium frame.

The advantages of a steel frame means that it can be used for a variety of locations and with no internal poles, maximised floor-space.

The Raj is great for creating an exotic atmosphere for the more exclusive private party or dinner and is ideal as a dancing or chill out tent when pitched alongside the formal dining Maharajas.

Tent Details:
Size: 6m x 4m
Dining: 24
Standing: 48
Low Furniture: 16 – 28

Floor Plans for Raj Tent

Raj Tent Seating Plan
Raj Tent Seating Plan

Raj Tent Gallery

Available Options for Raj Tent:

6m x 4m
Colours Available:- 
Pink, Orange, Cream, Red, Turquoise, Mushroom, Indigo (all with gold star), Plain Cream
Drape Colour:-
Cream, Turquoise, Pink, Orange, Red, Multi-colour (Red, Orange & Pink), Indigo
Wall Lining Colour:-
Cream Scalloped, Plum Scalloped, Cream Jali w Silver, Navy w Gold Sequins, Magenta Fez, Plain Cream
Large Moroccan Lantern, Large Hanging Chandelier, Large Black Chandelier, Paper Lantern
Bamboo Matting, Grass