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Raj Tent Club NZ brings this exotic way of life and celebration to New Zealand with its fine range of exquisite Tents and Furniture


The Maharaja’s baby brother still stands tall and oozes grandeur

The Raj Tent is available as a traditional pole and peg tent or on a steel & aluminium frame.

The advantages of a steel frame means that it can be used for a variety of locations and with no internal poles, maximised floor-space.

The Raj is great for creating an exotic atmosphere for the more exclusive private party or dinner and is ideal as a dancing or chill out tent when pitched alongside the formal dining Maharajas.

Also available as Double Raj (6m x 8m) and Triple Raj (6m x 12m)

Tent Details

Size: 6m x 4m
Dining: 24
Standing: 48
Low Furniture: 16 – 25


- Available Options for RAJ Tent -

Roof Lining Colours

Drape Colours

Wall lining Colours

Flooring Options


- Floor Plans for RAJ TENT -

RAj seating plan

RAj seating plan

low seating floor-plan

low seating floor-plan